Should Steph Curry Get Another Max NBA Deal?

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Should Steph Curry Get Another Max NBA Deal? | Sports Takes & News |

On the surface it may sound simple to say that any team with the league’s leading scoring would need to resign him. When that player is the oldest in NBA history to win a scoring title and wasn’t good enough to carry his team to the playoffs, the question marks begin to pop up. That is what faces the Golden State Warriors this offseason, a summer that the team hope and expects to extend the contract of Stephen Curry, tacking on another five-year max deal to the one that will expire at the end of the 2022 season. According to one member of the media, history should be the guide for the Warriors front office, and Golden State should say thank you and good-bye to Curry after next season, letting go a player whose greatness has been put under some doubt in recent weeks.

“Don’t Do It!” was how Rob Parker of Deadspin began his article, a plea, in fact, to the Golden State Warriors to not extend the contract of Stephen Curry this summer. Parker notes that many franchises over the years, in an effort to “keep the band together” have offered huge contracts to aging stars late in their careers hoping to find magic one more time despite all the warning signs that the player, and the “band” need to be broken up.

It might be hard to say that Stephen Curry, who at age 33 just won the NBA scoring title, should be let go after next season, the last under his current max deal. And by all indications, the Warriors are fully expected to give Curry a second $200+ Million contract extension this summer, making him the first player to sign two such deals in NBA history. If you are Rob Parker, however, the time to let Stephen Curry go is now … and I couldn’t agree more.

Think about it, when Kevin Durant was around, it was him, not Curry who was Finals MVP; but the year before Durant left the Thunder to join Golden State, the Curry led Warriors won 73 games just to give up a 3-1 series lead in the NBA Finals … how valuable was Curry that June?

As for the other members of the band: How will Klay Thompson look after coming off two season ending injuries; and how much more erosion will Golden State fans see in the skills of Draymond Green? And if you need a history lesson to convince you that signing Curry to another five-year deal would be a bad idea, Rob Parker reminds us that the Los Angeles Lakers failed to make the postseason during the final four yeas of Kobe Bryant’s career after inking the Hall of Famer to a huge contract.

It is always better to let players go too early than too late. And when you are dealing with NBA players, the “disrespect” shown by not offering them a longer contract ends up being so damaging, that doing anything else means you are not giving to them what is due. 

If given the choice between letting Stephen Curry walk or signing him to another five-year deal, the choice is simple for any clear-thinking fan, let him walk. Let another team give a 34-year-old a four-year deal and watch him melt away season after season. Because from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the New York Yankees, I have seen so many dynasties pay for past success, and it never works; teams are never able to find what they had after one year or even over two or three. The result is you are paying players based on what they did, not what they are capable of doing; and fans end up seeing them age right before their eyes.

Don’t do it Golden State, because there’s no doubt that when Stephen Curry goes into the Hall of Fame, he will have Steve Kerr provide the words. But between now and then, is it better to be fighting for a spot in the play-in tournament with Curry, Green and Thompson, or break the team down, rebuild and try to find a second Warriors dynasty.

I’m are not saying it will be easy, but the 2021-22 season should be the last for Stephen Curry with Golden State … but it probably won’t be since they will make the same mistake other teams have, and pay the same tragic price. 


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Should Steph Curry Get Another Max NBA Deal? |

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