Should NFL Quarterbacks Be Involved In Personnel Decisions?


Should NFL Quarterbacks Be Involved In Personnel Decisions? | Sports Takes & News |

There are two NFL quarterbacks that each have one Super Bowl title in two trips to the big game. Each quarterback is the face of their team with a voice that resonates in their locker room. However, between these two quarterbacks, Seattle’s Russell Wilson and Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes, the way they plan to handle their future differs greatly. Russell Wilson wants more of a say in personnel decisions, while Patrick Mahomes will let those in KC’s front office do their jobs without his input. So, who is right, and who is wrong?

The first two days of the NFL offseason have seen two of its best quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes make headlines. First came Kansas City’s 450 Million+ man, who despite having his new mega-deal kick in next season, said this when asked about having a say in who is on the team’s roster:

“To me, I just go out there and play. Obviously, you look around and you want to have guys here and you want to have guys on your roster, especially guys you’ve built relationships with. But at the end of the day, we have a great staff of guys that really scout, that really look at players, starting with (general manager) Brett Veach but going all the way down. I have a total belief in them that they’re going to have good players on this team every single year. That’s the reason I signed the contract that I did is I knew that we were going to have a great roster every single year I’m here.”

This state of mind was in contrast to that of Russell Wilson, who spoke on the same topic during an interview Tuesday:

“I think it helps to be involved more.But I think that dialogue should happen more often, in my opinion.”

The dialogue he’s talking about and expecting to have happen is him having more input on who the team signs this offseason. It’s widely known that Wilson wanted the Seahawks to sign Antonio Brown during the season, with Brown eventually going to Tampa Bay and winning a Super Bowl. Wilson is also reportedly upset with who is on the offensive line and wants a say who will be protecting him in 2021 and beyond.

There are two things that struck me about this issue: First, doesn’t it strike anyone as strange that athletes who sign nine-figure contracts continues to doubt those people who signed them to their contracts in the first place? 

Russell Wilson was signed to a long-term team by the Seahawks, now he is questioning the scouts and front office people who thought he was worth drafting in the third round and who agreed to make him a multi-millionaire. Second, it’s difficult to avoid the parallels between the things that Wilson and other players like Houston Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson are saying, and those of NBA superstars like LeBron James, who is known to dictate to ownership and general managers which coaches he will and won’t play for and which players to trade for and sign on a regular basis. 

I am completely in the camp of Patrick Mahomes, who has already set himself up in the hearts and minds of those in Kansas City. I say this since, as I see it, if KC never wins or gets to another Super Bowl, the organization will take the hit, not Mahomes, who everyone can see is a talented player. 

Don’t believe me, look at Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay who is drawing sympathy from the NFL media for having three MVP awards to his credit, but only one Super Bowl appearance and win. Why would any player want to put themselves in the crossfire of making personnel decisions on who is or isn’t on their NFL team? 

Because unlike the seven or eight players that can win an NBA title, it takes three times as many baseball or football players to win a championship, which is why teams hire scouts and why successful teams rarely listen to players on their team when making personnel decisions. Would Angels fans want Mike Trout involved in contract negotiations; I don’t think so, not for a second.

Russell Wilson is not being a leader by calling out teammates on or off the record and having it leak out into the NFL media. Patrick Mahomes is showing the same faith in Kansas City’s brass as they showed in him; that’s why Mahomes will be more successful, and perhaps why the Seahawks self-destructed this season and may never reach another Super Bowl. 

This is an easy call for me, and I think Wilson is way off base and out of line here, while Mahomes gets it and understand the pressure is not on him, but rather the front office to produce a winner. I am surprised by Wilson here, which means there is probably more to this than meets the eye right now, so stay tuned, because things could get ugly quickly in Seattle if more leaks reach the media. 


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Should NFL Quarterbacks Be Involved In Personnel Decisions? |

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