Should Commentators Be Able To Root For Or Against Teams?


Should Commentators Be Able To Root For Or Against Teams? | Sports Takes & News |

There’s an old saying “there’s no cheering in the press box,” which always mean that those covering a team should not root for them since it takes away their credibility and objectivity. Nowadays, however, sports commentators often root for or against players and/or entire teams in order to prove they were right about everything they said. Is this right, should commentators be rooting for or against players and/or teams?

Charles Barkley is not your normal sports commentator, which is why the NBA on TNT coverage is so popular among basketball fans, and those on Twitter who can always count on a soundbite from the Hall of Famer.

Last week before the Celtics and Lakers played on TNT, Barkley, not a fan of some of the team’s players already, said this about one Eastern Conference title contender:

“I’m always going to root against Brooklyn. I don’t like the way they put the team together. You know I’m never going to be a proponent of guys teaming up. Never going to be for it. I’m rooting for anybody to beat Brooklyn.

From screaming when LeBron James went to South Beach to protesting when Anthony Davis forced his way to the Lakers, Charles Barkley has consistently been against NBA “super teams.” With that said, to be rooting for or against any players he may dislike or franchise he may disagree with seems a little extreme for a person who, by the nature of their job, is ideally impartial.

The NBA on TNT broadcasting team is often called out for being out of touch with today’s style of basketball. Part of that style is that players who know their contracts are capped in value, want to play with their friends or those who give them the best chance to win. 

While we have clearly established that players like Bird, Barkley, Ewing, Jordan and many others would never have wanted to team up with each other, today’s athletes are different, especially in the NBA. That’s because, simply put, LeBron James broke the mold and changed the game, allowing other players to follow in his footsteps and create their own super team. 

I am in Barkley’s camp here, because I think LeBron James forever changed the NBA, and not in a good way, when he went to the Miami Heat. The difference is, I am not paid to provide the commentary Charles Barkley is, because he should be telling basketball fans what is happening regardless of who is playing on the court. By calling out the Brooklyn Nets, whatever he says from this point forward must be taken as a bias observation against a team he doesn’t want to see play in the NBA Finals.

Is that the kind of person TNT really wants on the air, or that basketball fans want to see during the playoffs? I know I don’t want to see it or hear it, which is why outspoken athletes like Charles Barkley are slowly being replaced by the athletes like Tony Romo and Drew Brees, who won’t say anything controversial, but also won’t be negative, which is what leagues and networks want during the broadcasting of their games. 


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Should Commentators Be Able To Root For Or Against Teams? |

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