Ship Blocking Suez Canal Is Partially Freed

Ship Blocking Suez Canal Is Partially Freed

SUEZ, Egypt—Engineers partly freed a wedged ship blocking the Suez Canal, and tug boats are now working to straighten its course, which could soon reopen the vital trade route and end days of global supply disruptions.

Osama Rabie, chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, which operates the waterway, said Monday that tugs dislodged the bow of the 1,300-foot Ever Given, operated by Taiwan-based Evergreen Group, from the eastern bank of the canal.

“We are not finished yet, but it has moved,” he said, adding that tugboats would continue for another hour or so to ensure the ship could resume moving up the canal.

Evergreen said the vessel’s rudder and propeller are fully functional and are expected to help tugboats move it from the accident site so that the canal can reopen.

A person involved in the effort said a large rock formation in the side of the canal that had been wedging the bow in place was broken up, helping to break the Ever Given free. Hundreds of cubic feet of sand were removed over the course of the effort.

Source: WSJ – US News

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