Sen. Ron Johnson Is Delaying Senate Passage Of $1,400 Stimulus Checks

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has asked for a reading of his COVID stimulus substitute bill on the Senate floor, which will delay the passage of stimulus checks.

Senate Republicans are treating helping people like it is their enemy:

There is no legitimate reason for Sen. Johnson to request a reading of his bill. Johnson and Senate Republicans can’t stop the stimulus from passing and immediately helping the economy and people who are struggling, so they are trotting out procedural moves to make sure that those in need have to wait as long as possible for help.

The stimulus checks are incredibly popular. A new Monmouth University poll found that the American people would rather have $1,400 checks than Republican support for the bill. The threshold for the checks has been lowered to $80,000 in income for an individual and $162,000 for a married couple, but this shouldn’t hurt the popularity of the legislation.

Sen. Johnson is being cruel for the sake of being cruel, which is the guiding philosophy of the Trump-stained Republican Party.

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