Sarah Palin Joins Insane 51 Candidate Alaska House Primary

Sarah Palin filed to run in an Alaska House primary to fill the seat of the late Rep. Don Young, which has  50 other candidates.

The Anchorage Daily News reported:

 A field 51 candidates have filed to run in the special election to fill Alaska’s lone U.S. House seat, in a slate that includes former Gov. Sarah Palin, North Pole City Council member Santa Claus, current and former lawmakers, a homebuilder and his brother.

The number of candidates is more than twice as large as that seen in any other primary in the state’s history, and greater than the number of people who ran the Iditarod this year.

All vote by mail primary will be held on June 11 with the results announced on June 26. The top four vote-getters move on to a special general election on August 16.

Palin claimed that she is running because public service called, and by “public service” she appears to mean that she has no other prospects for any sort of relevance, so she is returning to politics.

Palin tweeted:

Palin, like Trump, doesn’t care for the actual work of governing, but the primary setup and the field are set up well for her. In such a large primary field, she should have more than enough name recognition to make it to the general election where the winner will be determined by ranked voting.

The election could be a great Alaska circus.

Sarah Palin should not be allowed anywhere near Congress, but that same argument could be made about dozens of Republicans in the current House caucus.

Palin is back, and she has a decent chance of being elected to Congress.


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