Ricky Williams

My teammate joins this week in the Huddle. Ricky Williams is a gentle soul that was misunderstood by many for years in the NFL. After winning the Heisman and every other award while at the University of Texas, the expectations placed on him were unrealistic for many, but not Ricky. He expected to be great, and talking with him about his journey was incredible.

Growing up in San Diego, he became a star on the diamond and the football field. He was drafted by the Phillies and played in their farm system while in college. Although he has a deep love for baseball, he excelled on the football field. While at Texas, he was a two-time All-American and won the Heisman trophy. He loved Texas because he said it felt like a family. Ricky was drafted by New Orleans, who traded all their draft picks that year to move up and get him. New Orleans is the only team in NFL history to draft one player in an NFL draft.

This is why expectations were so high. He lasted 3 years in New Orleans before being traded to Miami. While in Miami, his life’s calling was just beginning. He retired, played in the CFL for Toronto, and then played for the Dolphins again. He finished his 11-year career with the Baltimore Ravens.

Ricky was still finding out who he was. He started coaching and became an ESPN analyst for the Longhorn Network. He was in a few reality shows, Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother. Ricky followed his heart to alternative medicine and healing through all of this. He is now an astrologer, owns a wellness company called Real Wellness, and created a new app to use astrology to match people using their astrological signs. He also has his own podcast called Curious Questions, where he interviews his guests about their lives and interest using their astrological signs.

Follow Ricky @williams on Instagram and @rickthelaureate on Twitter.

His store: https://realwellnessherbal.com

His Website: https://rickywilliams.life

Thank you, Ricky!!!!!

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