Richard Commey scores vicious TKO against Jackson Marinez in round 6 (Video)

Former IBF lightweight champion Richard Commey made an electric return to the ring since his first and only loss to Teofimo Lopez.  

Boxer Richard Commey was looking to make a dramatic return to the ring against Jackson Marinez since his first knockout loss, and he did just that.

In 2019, Commey suffered a devastating round 2 TKO loss to Teofimo Lopez. It was the third loss of his career but his lone stoppage defeat. Commey’s record and reputation took a hit, but losing his IBF lightweight title was the most significant injury.

COVID-19 thwarted his plans to return to boxing, but he finally got back in action on Feb. 13 against Jackson Marinez, who was coming off a loss that should have been a win.

Marinez (19-2, 7 KOs) lost a unanimous decision to Rolando “Rolly” Romero in August, but most boxing pundits agreed that Marinez deserved the victory and the interim WBA lightweight title. He didn’t get the belt, but he got respect, which is why he landed a shot against Commey.

Commey and Marinez fought at the Top Rank Bubble at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Commey had a surprise fan cheering him on at ringside, his former foe and conqueror Lopez. Lopez encouraged Commey before the fight and during. His words seemed to help the former champion.

Richard Commey ended Jackson Marinez’s night with his dangerous right hand

Commey (30-3, 27 KOs) came out as aggressively as he had in the past in round 1. His stalking style got him into trouble against Lopez, but he looked undeterred from his previous loss. Commey engaged Marinez early and took the role of aggressor.

Marinez boxed well for several rounds, but Commey’s pressure gradually wore Marinez down. By round 5, Commey’s heavy right hand was landing with regularity. By round 6, Marinez was in serious trouble.

Marinez’s mouth was open as he tried to escape Commey’s pressure, but he had nowhere to hide. His legs and wind were gone, and he made a stationary target for Commey.

With 40 seconds left in round 6, Commey hit Marinez with a straight right hand that sent him to the canvas. Marinez got to his feet, but he was hurt and a sitting duck. Commey leaped in with another straight right that connected on Marinez’s temple, sending him down again. This time, he wasn’t getting up.

The referee stopped the fight as Marinez sat on the canvas. The battle was over, and Commey showed that he’s still a dangerous lightweight despite his loss to Lopez.

“When I first started, I started very slow because I’ve been away for more than a year, so I had to take my time a little bit just to get my rhythm,” said Commey during the post-fight interview. “My corner was telling me to do something. They saw that punch that took him down.”

Commey is back in the winner’s circle in a big way. He’s one of the division’s best knockout punchers and wants another shot at a title. Lopez is the undisputed champion, but several other belt holders might entertain a match with Commey.



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