Republicans Cause COVID Surge Then Blame Biden

Republicans and Trump supporters are celebrating the record number of COVID cases that they caused by blaming President Biden.

This is the sort of tweet that the anti-vaccine Republican crowd is posting in response to the record number of COVID cases:

Republicans blaming Biden for the COVID surge is like an arsonist setting their house and blaming the fire department for not putting it out fast enough.

60% of Republicans are unvaccinated:

Everyone knows who is behind this effort to use COVID to sabotage the Biden presidency, and it is not Joe Biden.

History shows that pandemics don’t go away on their own. Either enough people get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. The unvaccinated die off from the virus, or medical science advances enough treatments to make the virus non-lethal.

Since Republicans are attempting to use the pandemic for political gain, and they don’t believe in science, option two is the frontrunner for how COVID eventually gets under control in the United States.

Republicans aren’t owning Biden or scoring political points. Unvaccinated Republicans are lemmings who are jumping off the COVID cliff.

The GOP is killing their voters to blame Biden for the pandemic, which has taken political obstruction to a new dark and deadly level.


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