Republicans Are Already Trying To Sabotage Biden’s Economic Recovery

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) is pulling an old trick by trying to hold the debt ceiling hostage to sabotage the Biden recovery.

NBC News reported:

After Republicans spent recent years raising the debt limit without conditions, Sen. Rick Scott is pushing the GOP to insist on dollar-for-dollar spending cuts as part of a debt ceiling increase ahead of a July 31 deadline.


“I’m working on it,” Scott, who runs the campaign operation for Senate Republicans and has a large say in which candidates get extra funding, said. “I think people agree with me. I think Republicans agree that we have too much debt and that we have to figure out how to live within our means.”

Do you remember all of the Republicans who were concerned about the debt ceiling when Trump was president or all of the nailbiting down to the wire negotiations with Senate Republicans who were concerned about raising the debt ceiling?

Of course, you don’t because they never happened.

Republicans spent four years happily blowing up the debt by cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations and spending like there is no tomorrow. `

Now that Joe Biden is in office, and the economy showing signs of taking off like a rocket ship in what could potentially be the biggest economic boom since the 1990s, Republicans have had their come to Jesus moment on the debt ceiling.

No one is falling for this nonsense anymore, and the good news is that with Democrats holding the Senate majority, the odds of Republican success are slim, but Republicans are already pulling out some old tricks from the last decade to sabotage Joe Biden’s economic recovery.

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