Reactions To Good Girls Canceled At NBC

Please respect the privacy of fans, who are mourning the loss of seeing Manny Montana’s face on-screen every week.

Reader, I must be the unfortunate bearer of bad news: Good Girls has been canceled at NBC without a fifth and final season.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, plans were in motion to move the series to Netflix as an Original for its final season, but this deal collapsed for financial reasons.

After the announcement, fans took to Twitter to simultaneously mourn and rage. We’ve rounded up some of the best reactions:


“I watch Good Girls for the plot.”

Twitter: @enctrl


This very appropriate use of Tyler, the Creator‘s birthday meme.

Twitter: @DrinkLeafJuice


This excellent point.

HELLO THIS IS GOOD GIRLS WHt ?????? how you going to cancel a show and do another show with THE SAME EXACT PLOT the reason?????

Twitter: @melodramat4


I simply agree.

Twitter: @thxtgiirl_jaay


Truly, when will we know peace?

Twitter: @bbygrlcb


This simple appreciation post of the leading women in the show, who stuck with each other through thick and thin.

I’m really not ready to lose them ? These ladies mean so much to me ? #GoodGirls

Twitter: @loveyoumaroons


And another one, because despite our jokes about watching for Rio (Manny Montana), we love the girls and their dynamic.

I imagine Christina, Retta, and Mae getting together tonight to celebrate four amazing years together. Good Girls may not last forever, but their incredible friendship will. ❤️ #SaveGoodGirls

Twitter: @ThatGirlKatlyn


This ingenious idea.

good girls could literally film in my backyard, the characters could wear my clothes, im sure we could find a minivan and a truck and some money from monopoly and the actors would get paid with puppies this can literally work #SaveGoodGirls

Twitter: @iamydunne


This solidarity between these two fallen fandoms.

Twitter: @ari_thrill


Sorry, why weren’t we included in the board meeting that led to this decision?

Twitter: @chkntinder


So…when are we brainstorming ways to renew our beloved show?

Twitter: @mynichecontent


Good Girls hive, let’s mobilize.

Twitter: @mynichecontent


We need this show in our lives!

good girls proves time and time again that men don’t deserve to speak. #goodgirls #renewgoodgirls

Twitter: @milfstreisand


It’s simply too much.

Twitter: @jnkluuvr

Well, there you have it folks! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go rewatch some of my favorite episodes and be sad. Thank you for respecting our privacy at this time.

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