Raymundo Beltran looks for one last title run on ProBox TV

Raymundo Beltran headlines the ProBox TV card against Ceasar Francis on Saturday Night.

After a long weekend celebrating this country’s independence, boxing returns on Saturday night live from the new boxing streaming app ProBox TV. Undefeated junior welterweight prospect Cesar Francis (10-0) goes up against the tough and rugged veteran Raymundo Beltran (37-9-1). The fight will be the main event for a card filled with upcoming young talent looking to make a name for themselves in the boxing scene.

The career of Beltran has been a roller coaster of its own which is why one of the first things I asked him was who he is in 2022. Beltran told FanSided, “Ray Beltran is still a dangerous fighter with big dreams.” The question comes from a career filled with adversity both in and out of the ring. After getting a shot at Terrence Crawford in 2014 for the lightweight title and coming up short, Beltran found himself at the back of the line having to earn his way to a title shot.

After winning some regional titles, Beltran was finally able to capture a world title by beating Moses Paulus by way of a unanimous decision. The victory meant so much more to him as not only did he reach the mountain top, but it also helped with his pending immigration case, which would ultimately result in Beltran receiving a green card. Although it was a fight that he did not know how it would end, the government saw Beltran as an accomplished athlete who merited having his status updated so that he wouldn’t have to be separated from his family.

Ray Beltran vs Cesar Francis will be streamed live on ProBox TV, Saturday 7 p.m. EST/4 p.m. PST

The championship reign lasted six months as Beltran fought Jose Pedraza and lost by unanimous decision. After winning his next fight, Beltran faced Richard Commey for the IBF title but lost by knockout in 2019. After that fight, Freddie Roach and Beltran decided to part ways, and that’s when he decided to bring on Pedro Neme to be his head trainer.

How Neme was introduced to Beltran is a unique story of its own. Beltran told FanSided, “I was training with Freddie (Roach) one day, and when it was time to spar, I ended up fighting my cousin. Pedro (Neme) was in his corner, and every round, he would come out doing something different, and it caught my attention. Each time it was getting more and more difficult. After that experience is how I ended up working with him.” The team of Beltran and Neme debuted in October against Edgar Ramirez, who he ended up stopping in six rounds.

Now the 41-year-old Beltran, who held his training camp in Santa Monica, CA, looks to try once again to position himself for a significant fight. Now most fans will see Beltran with his advanced age and the wars he has been in as a gatekeeper, but just don’t tell him that. Beltran believes in his skills and feels he can still hang with today’s young fighters. Beltran said, “I have been the underdog my whole career. I believe in myself and don’t pay attention to that stuff. I just do what I love to do and keep winning. I have the same dream as I want to fight for one more title. I can still compete with the young, talented fighters of today. I know my career is coming to an end soon, but it is not there yet.”

Although Beltran still desires another title fight, he has already put plans in motion to become a promoter and start a non-profit organization to help retired fighters in need. Along with that, he looks to open a gym and fight once more this year but under his promotional imprint. But first things first, Beltran has an undefeated fighter he is facing and needs to prove he can still perform at a high level.

So, what should fans expect from Beltran on Saturday night? Beltran said, “Everyone who knows me and has followed my career knows what I’m coming to do on Saturday night. Tune into the fight because it is going to be a fun night.”

Source: FanSided

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