Predicting primetime TV games for 2022

Expect for the Dallas Cowboys to play in five primetime games like they do nearly every year.

Unless the Dallas Cowboys absolutely stink, they will be playing in as close to the maximum of number primetime NFL games as humanly possible.

It’s referred to as the Cowboys Rule for a reason. If left to their own devices, the Cowboys would play all of their games in primetime because they are “America’s Team”. Despite having not been to an NFC Championship game since the Bill Clinton Administration, no NFL franchise moves the needle quite like the Cowboys do. Since they won the NFC East last season, it will be five games.

It is not how many, but who and when the Cowboys will play their five primetime games this year.

Dallas Cowboys: Primetime TV game predictions, 2022

Alright, let’s be real. Two of the Cowboys’ five primetime games will be against middling NFC East competition. One will come on Thanksgiving Day in the late-afternoon window, technically qualifying as a primetime game because it is indeed a standalone. The other will be something not even Joe Buck and Troy Aikman can generate excitement over with another Monday night disaster.

Just to get the New York Giants and Washington Commanders on TV, let’s put the inherently reckless Carson Wentz and Washington on that Thanksgiving date, at home obviously. As for the one they are playing the rebuilding Giants, put that one at MetLife once the weather changes for a truly horrifying television experience. As for the other three games, these will be so much better.

Looking at their 2022 opponents, Dallas draws the NFC North, the AFC South and three competitive balance games (vs. Cincinnati Bengals, vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at Los Angeles Rams) in addition to their six divisional games. For the sake of simplicity, let’s grab one from the other three pools of games outside of the NFC East sextet. This exercise should not be this hard.

The competitive balance game in primetime feels like the Cowboys at the Los Angeles Rams because Jerry Jones and Stan Kroenke are boys. When it comes to the NFC North game, the Cowboys will play the Green Bay Packers on the Frozen Tundra with a playoff feel to it. And for Texas reasons, Jerryworld will be home to the in-state clash with the Houston Texans very early.

Cowboys primetime TV predictions: 5, (vs. Commanders, at Giants, at Packers, at Rams, vs. Texans).

Source: FanSided

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