Possible Julio Jones trade now involves Russell Wilson

Possible Julio Jones trade now involves Russell Wilson

It sounds like the Seattle Seahawks are getting in on the Julio Jones trade rumors. 

Buckle up, the Seattle Seahawks have just entered the Julio Jones chat.

As we near what seems to be the inevitable — the Falcons trading Julio Jones — the list of teams willing to make a move to get him grows by the day.

From the Titans to the Ravens, to even the Kansas City Chiefs, any and all contending teams with room on its roster and Super Bowl dreams in its mind are rumored to be adding Jones. We can now add perhaps the most intriguing team to the list of possible destinations: the Seattle Seahawks.

According to Dianna Russini from ESPN, the Seahawks are not only interested in Jones but Russell Wilson has already talked with the Falcons receiver about playing together in Seattle.

“The Seahawks have had discussions about a possible trade with Atlanta, per sources. In fact, Russell Wilson and Julio Jones have spoken to discuss the possibility of playing together,” Russini reported on Sunday.

If Russell Wilson is getting involved, that gives you an idea of how serious the Seahawks are. It also highlights just how important it would be for Seattle to make a deal happen.

Julio Jones trade rumors now include Seattle Seahawks

We like to joke about how the Kansas City Chiefs adding a big name receiver like Jones would break the NFL. But the same could legitimately be said about the Seahawks trading for Jones as well.

Think about how long a trade for Jones would go in alleviating so much of the drama and pain endured this offseason in Seattle.

The offseason essentially started with Russell Wilson openly pondering what it would be like to be traded to a team that would build an offense around him. While those conversations have subsided, the wave hasn’t crested and rolled back yet and still feels like it could crash upon the Seahawks shore at a moment’s notice.

Wilson has been an MVP candidate for the last handful of years both because of his insane talent and how much of a showcase that talent gets when he’s forced to use it to get out of terrible situations.

Like this:

Or this:

Wilson is operating at a generationally great level with absolute bare minimum help. Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf are fantastic, but they are just scratching the surface of what the Seahawks offense could look like if the front office truly dedicated resources to supporting Wilson.

Adding Julio Jones, even at his advanced veteran age, does so many positive things for Seattle that it instantly makes it worth the price.

Russell Wilson will feel fully supported, the Seahawks will have finally made an enormous effort to add premier talent around Wilson, and Seattle’s offense would rival that of the Buccaneers are the best in the NFC — and approach Mahomes-ian levels of potential greatness.

Seattle’s window to win another Super Bowl is propped open as long as Wilson is still in his prime. Seattle’s future is absolutely worth mortgaging to get all that it can out of the insane potential of the present.

Source: FanSided

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