Piso 21 ‘El Amor El Los Tiempos Del Perreo’ Interview

Piso 21

Lorduy, who had a solo career for nine years before joining Piso, admits he faced many insecurities upon joining the group because of their solid career and faithful fanbase. In the end, he jumped on board because “opportunities this big are not seen every day.”

Now, 14-years into their journey and with a suitcase full of new music, Piso 21 feels confident of their musical proposal. “On the album, you’ll find a new Piso 21 with different sounds, flows, and structures,” notes Lorduy. “Pablo is more involved in the chorus, Dim harmonizes more, El Profe contributes more with his flow and lyrics, and I believe we are the perfect combination.”

As for essential tracks on the album, each member recommends their favorites. “Dejalo,” says Dim, because it brings to the forefront Colombiana newcomer Mabiland. “A Muerte” and “Tan Bonita,” suggests El Profe, because of the special lyrical content, and Lorduy picks the closing track “No Se Quito,” featuring Lalo Ebratt, De La Ghetto, and DalePlay, because it’s where he truly shines as a reggaetón artist.

Pablito, on the other hand, chooses the title track — because as he summarizes: “‘El amor en el los tiempos del perreo’ defines us as a group, defines the album, defines our musical evolution, and it defines this precise moment in Piso 21’s career.”

Source: News | Billboard

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