Penelope Scott: Viral Phenom Captures the Internet

Penelope Scott

It’s no surprise why TikTok users ate this up — and why TikTok admins took it down. The song captures the idyllic image of trashiness that’s so frequently romanticized online: “Get thin on smoke and coffee/ Get fat on pie and biscuits/ God bless this perfect shitstorm.” It’s obnoxious in its hedonism; it’s nonchalantly selfish, coming from the perspective of that mean, but extremely cool girl who acts like she’s the only person in the world. It’s a picturesque idea of obscenity that approaches the line that separates appropriate content from inappropriate — but it can still be difficult to know where that line actually lays from the guidelines for such clips on TikTok. (Scott says she was not given a specific reason for the audio’s removal; representatives from TikTok did not respond to repeat inquiries from Billboard regarding further explanation.) 

Scott admits her relationship with the app, where she posts under the punny handle @itsworsethanithot,  is a complicated one, but remains generally optimistic about the Gen Z hub. “I definitely think that it’s a very innovative platform,” she says. “It’s done really interesting things with how popularity seems to be allocated on it. And I’ve seen it launch a few artists into getting noticed which is cool. I think a lot of people have issues with the censorship vibe on TikTok, but to me I’m almost surprised that it lets as much stuff go as it does. When you look into what TikTok is, there’s no reason this platform should have an allegiance to free speech.”

Source: News | Billboard

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