Pelosi Vows We Will Not Rest Until $15 Minimum Wage Passes

Speaker Pelosi said that House Democrats would not rest, and they will not stop until the $15/hour minimum wage passes.


Speaker Pelosi said at a press conference before the House passes President Biden’s stimulus bill:

As a matter of practice, I don’t get involved in the rules of the United States Senate. But as a matter of values, I can just say we will not rest until we passed the $15 minimum wage. We have been engaged in the fight for 15 for a long time. This is legislation that affects the majority of women, over 60% of the people making minimum wage are women. Many are moms. And it is so essential for us to do this whether it happens when we send this over there, we are sending it as a symbol of a difference that it will make in the lives of the American people but not just a symbol.

But as a solid proposal, if it doesn’t prevail because of Senate rules we will persist. But we will not stop. Not until we pass the $15 minimum wage.

If the Senate doesn’t get the minimum wage increase through as a part of the stimulus, there is too much momentum behind the increase for nothing to be done.

Progressive want Senate Democrats to ignore the parliamentarian and leave the minimum wage increase in the bill, but that isn’t a solution.

Even with using reconciliation, Senate Democrats don’t have the 51 votes needed to pass it.

House Democrats aren’t going to stop. They are going to continue to fight for 15 until American workers earn a living wage.

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