Ohio COVID Patient Whose Wife Sued The Hospital For Ivermectin Treatment Dies

An Ohio COVID patient whose wife sued a hospital to get him treated with Ivermectin has died.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported:

An Ohio man diagnosed with COVID-19 whose wife sued to force a hospital to give him the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin has died, his attorney said.

Jeffrey Smith, 51, died on Sept. 25, his attorney, Jonathan Davidson, of Hamilton, told WXIX-TV in Cincinnati.

In August, an Ohio judge ordered West Chester Hospital to treat Mr. Smith with Ivermectin after his wife sued, alleging that the facility refused to give her husband the drug, despite him having a doctor’s prescription. 

The order was later reversed by another judge

Ivermectin Does Not Treat Or Cure COVID

People continue to be fooled by disinformation and lies that are costing them their lives. Ivermectin is not a treatment, cure, or preventative medication for COVID.

Do you know what would have kept Mr. Smith alive?

Getting vaccinated.

As long as people continue to refuse to get vaccinated, they will continue to get sick and die.

Eventually, this pandemic will end as natural selection will take its course, or the unvaccinated will be a fertile ground for a new vaccine-resistant variant that will make everyone sick.

No matter what Bill Maher says, Ivermectin doesn’t work, and the question is not up for debate.



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