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They're Kathy (she's always right) and Marc (he's usually wrong) Silverstein, a.k.a. The Bickersteins. They're PR and marketing experts, who don't agree on anything. Listen to them discuss, debate and argue over who is on and off message each week. It's like a touch of home, only at the in-laws--for Thanksgiving. Off The Marc with the Bickersteins is a production of On The Marc Media, rated one of the best PR and Marketing firms in Washington, D.C.

  • Bickering Over: Why Accessible Content is Crucial For Your Brand's Social Media - with Nichelle Roberts
    on July 26, 2021 by Marc Silverstein and Kathy Fowler Silverstein

    With 15% of the world living with some kind of disability, accessibility is not an option. When your content isn’t accessible, not only do you alienate individuals with disabilities, you also lose potential customers. From captioning videos to adding alt text on images, creating and posting inclusive content is crucial to ensuring everyone has equal access to your product or service.So, how do you make your content more inclusive? This week, in honor of Disability Pride Month, Marc and Kathy connected with Nichelle Roberts, Account Supervisor at Siren Communications in Toronto. Nichelle has a passion for accessibility in the digital and social media spaces and shares how inclusivity is vital to success for businesses big and small.Connect with Nichelle: with Marc & Kathy: info@onthemarcmedia.comCheck out 1631 Digital News:

  • Bickering Over: Event Planning Businesses in a Post-Pandemic World - with Loren Maisels
    on July 9, 2021 by Marc Silverstein and Kathy Fowler Silverstein

    From packed crowds of music lovers in a concert arena to virtual meetings filled with thousands of industry professionals, the pandemic turned the events industry upside down. While there is room to begin the transition back to “normal,” the events industry is still on high alert and adapting to new guidance every day. So, what can your business do to accommodate this new environment? This week, Loren Maisels, President of LOMA Marketing Agency, joins the podcast to talk all things events in 2020 and beyond. She shares her company’s experience when meetings and conferences first came to a screeching halt in March 2020, how they pivoted to planning memorable virtual experiences and how she expects the world of event planning will continue to evolve in a post-pandemic world.Connect with Loren via email at 1631 Digital News for the latest news, sports, tech and more at: 1631DigitalNews.comLooking to get media attention for your next post-pandemic event? Visit or email 

  • Bickering Over: Why Short-Form Video is Exploding on the Social Media Scene - with Laura Bedrossian
    on July 2, 2021 by Marc Silverstein and Kathy Fowler Silverstein

    What started with TikTok has now turned into the new “must-have” for every social media platform. From YouTube Shorts to Instagram Reels, short-form video is taking the internet (and social media users’ short attention spans) by storm. So, how can your business use short-form videos to catch and keep social media users’ attention? This week, Marc connected with Senior VP of Communications and Marketing at Terentia, Laura Bedrossian, for insights on how some unexpected businesses are using short-form video to reach new audiences. And spoiler alert – creating content is so quick and easy, your business can hop on the bandwagon too.Want to connect with Laura? Find her on Twitter: 1631 Digital News for the latest news, sports, tech and more at: 1631DigitalNews.comWant to boost your social media presence? We can help! Visit or email 

  • Bickering Over: Calming the Panic Through PR in a Post-Pandemic World - with Joe & Chad McLeod
    on June 25, 2021 by Marc Silverstein and Kathy Fowler Silverstein

    Remember when everyone panicked about the gas shortage and started to fill TRASH BAGS with gas?!! Yeah, that’s what we call panic, and it could have been prevented with the right PR message. Experts Joe and Chad McLeod share their perspectives on how strategic PR can help calm the panic when a crisis occurs, especially in a post-pandemic world. From true emergencies to fake news-induced mania, the Florida-based duo discusses the recent Colonial Gas Line shutdown, consumer fear and the ‘ASAP’ method to mitigate panic. Listen in as they discuss weathering PR storms, and how to come out (mostly) unscathed. Want to connect with Joe & Chad? Visit their website: Discover 1631 Digital News for the latest news, sports, tech and more at: 1631DigitalNews.comNeed strategic messaging to help calm the panic during your businesses’ next crisis? We can help! Visit or email

  • Bickering Over: The Wants & Needs of Generation Z
    on June 11, 2021 by Marc Silverstein and Kathy Fowler Silverstein

    We’re talking about all things Generation Z on this week’s episode of Off The Marc... or as Marc would call them, “Generation Misunderstood” (he too was a skeptic before this episode). While they may enjoy Instagramming every moment of the day and appear addicted to their phones, Gen Z is a force to be reckoned with on the social media scene. A single post can make or break a brand in milliseconds. Or in the case of politics, decide the outcome of an election… there's no way Biden would’ve won the 2020 Presidential Election without Gen Z’s support.  Their wants, needs, likes and dislikes are shaking up companies’ priorities in every industry. So how can you stay in-trend and on top of the game to keep your Gen Z customers coming back? Listen as Marc and Kathy share inside tips (with some expected bickering along the way).Need help changing up your brand or shifting to meet the needs of Gen Z? We can help! Visit or email Discover 1631 Digital News for the latest news, sports, tech and more at

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