Observations From Day 2 Of The 2021 NFL Draft

Observations From Day 2 Of The 2021 NFL Draft | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

With twice as many picks as Day 1, Friday night’s second and third rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft promised twice as much drama and the first round. Just like opening night, when and where three quarterbacks were drafted grabbed the headlines as 32 teams continued to find the next generation of players they hope will help them win plenty of games. Here are my observations from Day 2 of the 2021 NFL Draft. 

The second round almost started and finished Friday night without a single quarterback being drafted. That changed with the round’s final selection, made by Tampa Bay. In making their selection, the Super Bowl winning Buccaneers may have conceded that their current QB, Tom Brady is human and mortal. Why else would they spend a second-round pick on a long-term project such as Florida quarterback Kyle Trask.

Trask, who had tight end Kyle Pitts on his roster with the Gators, was never considered more than a prospect, allowing him to fall to the 64th overall pick. It gives Bucs’ head coach Bruce Arians time to develop him for at least one and likely two seasons, by which time, perhaps Tom Brady may actually consider retirement. Taking into account that all 22 starters from last season’s Super Bowl winning team will be back next year, Tampa Bay, at least in the short term, can afford to use a second-round pick on a long-term project such as Kyle Trask. Without getting on the field before Bruce Arians retires, however, may mean that his time with the team may be limited, and when a new team is created, Trask won’t be there. Nevertheless, the former Gators QB will have time to learn a lot with the Buccaneers.

After Trask, two of the next three picks to begin the third round were quarterbacks. 

The first was Kellen Mond out of Texas A&M, a player that Chris Simms ranked ahead of both Trey Lance and Justin Fields, two of the five quarterbacks taking in the first half of this year’s first round. Mond was drafted by Minnesota, meaning that the next two years current Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins will be looking over his shoulder as the Aggies quarterback waiting in the wings prepares to take his job.

Chris Simms says Kellen Mond’s arm strength and mechanics are what raises his ceiling over Lance and Fields. Which means if Simms is correct, Minnesota grabbed a quarterback with first round talent in the third round, and Kirk Cousins will be riding the bench sooner rather than later. Don’t be surprised when you start hearing about how good Kellen Mond looks this summer in training camp, and when that starts, the quarterback watch will be officially on in Minnesota. 

The drama of Day Two thickened with the next pick in NFL Draft Friday night when the Houston Texans drafted Davis Mills, the former Stanford Cardinal quarterback. Houston took Mills with the first pick of their 2021 draft (round 3 #67) thanks to some previous trades made by former head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien. This fact, along with knowing the team already had Tyrod Taylor and Ryan Finley already on the roster means that the future of Deshawn Watson with the Texans is under serious doubt.

While it may not be likely the embattled quarterback will fetch much in a trade now, Houston might be preparing for Watson to sit out the 2021 season. Either way, the Texans knew something before making this pick, how long it will take for us to find out what that is remains to be seen, but don’t believe for a second that this pick was made because Davis Mills was the “best player available” when Houston was on the clock.

As for all the running backs, wide receivers, offensive and defensive lineman, linebackers, and safeties, NFL teams have been hitting and missing on draft picks for decades, and the 2021 Draft will be no different than any other draft. There will be some diamonds in the rough that teams discovered, while better thought of prospects will fall flat under the glare of the NFL spotlight. Unlike that edge rusher or slot cornerback, how those players perform don’t have the impact that a quarterback does, with the fortunes of franchises rising and falling with who makes the on-field decisions with the ball in their hands. 

Trust me, you will know who won and lost the 2021 NFL Draft not by reading the reviews of the so-called experts who have an agenda to push, but the bookmakers who move the betting lines and the over/under totals this week after all the dust settles. Then again, winning the spring in a fall/winter sport like football is meaningless, because who is standing come February is all anyone remembers, right!? 


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Observations From Day 2 Of The 2021 NFL Draft | TooAthletic.com

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