Nike Continues To Ruin Team Uniforms

Nike Continues To Ruin Team Uniforms | Sports Takes & News |

It would appear the phrase “Just Do It” has taken on new meaning for the people working at Nike, who have accepted it to mean destroy every team uniform they come in contact with. That’s because after a year of giving NBA teams a mixed bag of “City Edition” alternate jerseys, the sneaker giant has applied those same skills to Major League Baseball. And in this, their second season of providing MLB franchises with their jerseys, Nike has taken their talents to a new, all-time low. Why does Nike insist on ruining more of our favorite team’s uniforms? 

The announcement came on Tuesday via Twitter, with the Boston Red Sox releasing their Patriots’ Day “City Edition” alternate uniforms. The colors, reportedly are the same scheme as what is used for the Boston Marathon, yet are more remnant of the UCLA Bruins Bright Yellow and Baby Blue. Those who saw the photos on social media thought the yellow jerseys were more Banana than BoSox colors, and the light blue caps, while paying homage to one of the city’s annual traditions, didn’t belong in the home team dugout at Fenway Park. 

I get it, the more different you make an “alternate” jersey from the original, the more fans who may not like those colors will buy the new ones. With that said, unless the late John Wooden was going to be managing a game, having the Boston Red Sox in colors other than their blue and red goes against the team’s history, and can’t be an alternative when it is an affront to that history.

There’s reimagining and then there’s overthinking, and for years Nike has forced itself into the jersey sales market with their new contracts with college teams, the NBA, and now MLB. In doing so, they have displayed little regard to a team’s history, and has proven to be more concerned with working for the city’s Commerce Department.

Yes, I agree, the Boston Marathon is one of the city’s great annual events; but I would have to say more people think of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon before the marathon when asked about the great city of Boston. If Nike used a shade of blue that paid tribute to the city’s history on the water, I would have understood it more than what they did by paying tribute to an event the Red Sox are linked to only one day a year.

I am truly sad for Major League Baseball since they have eight more years of Nike making their uniforms for them, which means there will be more idiotic ideas coming from them about what baseball teams should wear to pay tribute to their city.

So, please, I beg you MLB teams, put your foot down with Nike and steer them in the direction you want to go; don’t let them force their vastly incorrect thoughts about your city upon your baseball fans. Because if you can’t hit a home run paying tribute to a great city like Boston, then I don’t want to see the “City Edition” jerseys of the Kansas City Royals that will have a BBQ bib on the chest or the new threads of the San Francisco Giants with cracks or flames on the team’s lettering in order to pay tribute to the city’s rich history of earthquakes and fires … Don’t Do It Nike, just Stop Doing It, because you don’t know what you are doing when it comes to uniforms. 


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Nike Continues To Ruin Team Uniforms |

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