NFL power rankings, Week 16: Colts rise, Cardinals fall

Looking at the NFL power rankings heading into Week 16, the Arizona Cardinals are falling while the Indianapolis Colts are rolling along.


Jacksonville Jaguars

2-12 LW: 31

Good news: No more Urban Meyer. Bad news: Worst team in the NFL.


Houston Texans

3-11 LW: 30

Houston has three wins, and two have come against the Jaguars.


New York Jets

3-11 LW: 29

JETS. Just End The Season.


Detroit Lions

2-11-1 LW: 32

Detroit is playing really hard, and it pounded the Cardinals. Full credit to Dan Campbell and Co.


Chicago Bears

4-10 LW: 28

Everyone in Chicago is counting the days under Matt Nagy is fired.


New York Giants

4-10 LW: 27

See above, just with New York and Joe Judge. It’s so bad.


Carolina Panthers

5-9 LW: 26

Matt Rhule is lucky his contract and length and expensive, because the Panthers stink.


Seattle Seahawks

5-8 LW: 25

Seattle can actually get into the playoff conversation with a win, but that’s a tall order.


Atlanta Falcons

6-8 LW: 24

The Falcons had a chance to get into the race against the Niners, but fell on their faces.


Cleveland Browns

7-7 LW: 20

The Browns gave a great effort, they just fell a few seconds short.


Las Vegas Raiders

7-7 LW: 23

Taking to the last second to beat a team playing third-stringers isn’t exactly a triumph.


Minnesota Vikings

7-7 LW: 21

The Vikings are alive in the NFC race, but now the Rams await.


Denver Broncos

7-7 LW: 17

Losing to the Bengals might be a fatal blow for Denver. Tough slate ahead and no room for error.


Washington Football Team

6-7 LW: 16

Huge, huge, huge game against the Eagles on Tuesday.


Philadelphia Eagles

6-7 LW: 15

Beat Washington, and the Eagles are in great position to make the playoffs.


Miami Dolphins

7-7 LW: 18

Miami has won six straight. Now, can it run the table? The Dolphins have plenty of work ahead.


Pittsburgh Steelers

7-6-1 LW: 18

Pittsburgh looks awful most of every game, and somehow the Steelers are a half-game out of the division lead.


New Orleans Saints

7-7 LW: 22

What an incredible defensive performance, and the Saints are in the playoff picture.


Baltimore Ravens

8-6 LW: 10

The Ravens are simply ravaged by injuries. It’ll be a challenge just to make the playoffs.


Cincinnati Bengals

8-6 LW: 14

Cincinnati has a chance tome a huge move in the AFC North this weekend against Baltimore.


Indianapolis Colts

8-6 LW: 13

Carson Wentz is a liability, but the rest of the team is operating at a high level.


San Francisco 49ers

8-6 LW: 12

The 49ers are starting to look like a dangerous team in the NFC playoff picture.


Tennessee Titans

9-5 LW: 7

The injuries are piling up, and the Titans are starting to run out of gas. Need to get healthy.


Los Angeles Chargers

8-6 LW: 9

The Chargers aren’t going to drop for almost beating the Chiefs. They were right there.


It’s all on the line in the AFC East this weekend. Buffalo has its chance.


Arizona Cardinals

10-4 LW: 4

What the hell happened? Brutal.


New England Patriots

9-5 LW: 5

Tough loss, but not a disaster. However, they now must beat the Bills on Sunday.


Dallas Cowboys

10-4 LW: 8

Dallas’ defense is rolling, Dak Prescott will be fine, and the NFC East is all but over.


Los Angeles Rams

9-4 LW: 6

Even though they haven’t played yet this week, it feels like this is the right spot for the Rams.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

10-4 LW: 2

The Packers were probably headed to the top seed anyway, but the Bucs’ loss sealed it.


Kansas City Chiefs

10-4 LW: 3

The Chiefs climbed all the way back, and they’re the clear favorite in the AFC.


Green Bay Packers

11-3 LW: 1

The Packers got a major scare from Tyler Huntley, but they appear home free for the No. 1 seed.

Source: FanSided

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