Netflix’s Wanted – Fun Binge Watch Series

Daily routines are often mundane, your daily commute is a good example.  Taking the same bus at the same stop day in and day out going to and from your job then one day your entire world changes and this is where this Australian thriller begins.  Wanted is part Thelma & Louise, part Good Fellas, and one wild ride. Lola Buckley (Rebecca Gibney) Chelsea Babbage (Geraldine Hakewill) and Chelsea are both waiting at a deserted bus stop after a long day of work, even though they have both taken this same bus for 18 months they are strangers and have never spoken until this night.  Lola and Chelsea are about to go on a run for their lives while being pursued by the police, drug dealers, dirty cops, a hired assassin, and an assortment of criminals. As they travel through Australia, Thailand, and New Zealand the situation keeps getting more dire and both women need to dig deep to keep their sanity and stay alive.

Lola and Chelsea accidentally intervene in a fatal carjacking, then they are thrown in the trunk of a car (filled with cash) and the chase is on.  As different as Lola and Chelsea are they must learn to trust one another.  Each character’s back story is revealed as Lola and Chelsea try to figure out who is after them and why, in short order, they find out that they are wanted for the murder of the police officer that was killed during the carjacking and, they are also wanted by the Drug Kingpin who wants his money back.

Both Lola and Chelsea have had traumatic childhoods which helps them bond and begin to trust each other.  Chelsea grew up in a very wealthy and lost her mother as a child to Huntington’s disease and Lola’s mother left, her, and her sister Donna while they were young girls.  Those life experiences have left both women psychologically damaged and that early trauma helps them navigate the most frightening situations.  As they learn more about themselves Lola and Chelsea form a mother/daughter type bond which you find yourself rooting for as the series goes along.

The writers have done an excellent job of character development and taking watchers along for the ride. One interesting note is the Rebecca Gibney who plays Lola is also one of the writers of the series. It is easy to get hooked on the plot and storyline and become invested in these two women, I watched all three seasons in two sittings.

It is still unclear if there will be a season 4 but I certainly hope so, we need to find out if Lola and Chelsea have more exciting adventures.









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