Netflix Season 3 Virgin River – Total Disappointment

Let me start by saying I fell in love with the series practically from the opening scene, the story, and its characters. However, Season 3 left me feeling extremely disappointed. The first 2 Seasons were beyond my expectations, the audience got to know the characters, what they think, and who they are.  The characters took on a life of their own, the writing superb, and the script was constantly navigating the audience through the lives and secrets of these characters.

If you are reading this article, then most likely you watched the first two seasons, then you are quite familiar with the residents of Virgin River and their backstories. The fans are rooting for Mel and Jack, fascinated by the weird and strange relationship between Doc and Hope, feeling sadness for Lilly and her situation, the Virgin River sewing club ladies made you crazy with all of their meddlings, and in the end, they are quite loveable. We were hoping that Preacher would finally come clean to Paige about how he feels about her, then we get hit with the life and death reality she and Christopher are living in, on the run from her dead husband’s twin brother.

The first two seasons are filled with drama, scandal, and relationships. The season 2 cliffhanger was perfect as Jack and Mel had finally committed to each other despite Charmaine and her pregnancy, then out of the blue someone shoots Jack. It reminded me of another show cliffhanger on Dallas and who shot JR.  My mom loved the show and we always watched it together and to this day remember all the speculation in magazines on other television shows the talk was always about Dallas and who hatted JR enough to shoot him.  Speculation was endless until the following season aired and we learned who did it.   We were kept mostly in the dark about Brady and Jack’s backstory and how Brady ended up working for drug runner Calvin, we never were given background into Calvin, who is he and where did he come from. This absence of information does lead to more plotlines to come. The characters are complex and each one has a charm all their own.

Much of Season 3 made little or no sense to me, so much of season 3 was centered around a relationship between two minor characters Ricky and Lizzie. The writers could have developed a lot more interesting stories and yet they focused so much on a teenage relationship with characters that aren’t an integral part of the narrative.

At the end of season 2, Doc and Hope were getting married again so one would assume that Season 3 would center around their plans for the future and working on their issues.  Instead, Hope was out of town the entire season and she and Doc only spoke via Skype with no real relevant storyline going on. Another strange twist was Doc’s degenerative eye disease which we got a little taste of at the end of Season 2 but seems like in the end it was not this earth-shattering event, it was made out to be so much wasted time on another non-starter topic. I wanted to learn more about what happened in their first marriage and what led them to this point 20 years later.

Charmaine gets married to a rich, controlling unlikeable man who tries to buy Jack off and let him adopt Jack’s twins. More time should have been devoted to that situation and sadly it wasn’t.

Moving along Brady starts a relationship with Jack’s sister Brie who initially came to town to help Jack recover, it also seems she left her prestigious job at a top law firm in LA with little explanation, will her secrets catch up with her. Developing Brady’s character more is a nice addition to the show but it went on and on and on. The writers had a great opportunity to dive deep into Brady’s background, what happened between him and Jack and why did he decide to work for Calvin.

Since Mel and Jack went through many ups and downs and eventually worked them out, why then did the most recent break-up send her running to her sister in LA and to see her fertility doctor. Her character seems to think things through very carefully and to make such a rash decision seemed so out of character, which of course will lead to future issues with Jack.

All in all this season left me feeling less than thrilled about what will happen in season 4.






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