NBA To Introduce Four-Point Shot Next Season

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NBA To Introduce Four-Point Shot Next Season | Sports Takes & News |

Fans of the “Logo Jump Shot” are rejoicing this week as the NBA announced that for the 2021-22 season it will incorporate a Four-Point shot into its games. The shot, which, according to reports will be 28-feet, will be in addition to the existing three-point that the modern NBA game has made prevalent in recent years.  While some former players and many members of the media have condemned the announcement, by all accounts the NBA has embraced the addition of the four-point shot, and once the Players’ Association approves the change, it will be made official.

No longer will size be able to dominate the game of basketball with the Four-Point shot in play, as pointed out by Hall of Fame center Shaquille O’Neal, who proclaimed the new rule would lead to “the death of the big man on the hardwood.”

Many around the NBA agree since not only will the game’s best scorers like Stephen Curry never need to enter the paint, but those who are paid to rebound and start fast breaks under the boards will be left without jobs. That’s because shots further away from the basket normally produce longer rebounds, leaving those under the basket with nothing to do but watch the ball fly back towards the shooter or hard in another direction.

It is believed the addition of the “Four Pointer” is happening for two reasons: First, with so many NBA players now able to shoot 40% of better from the current three-point line of 23 feet, 9 inches around most of the court, a change needed to be made. Moving back the three-point line has never been considered a viable option for the NBA since by doing so it would eliminate the corner shot, which is only a 22-foot attempt do to the 50-foot width of a basketball court.

That leads to the second reason why the NBA has embraced the “Four Pointer,” sports wagering, because with higher scoring and an increase of in-game actions, both daily fantasy players as well as those who enjoy the live-action betting bookmakers can now offer in many places, more fans will watch games longer … and since the NBA is about to ask for new television contracts worth three times their current values from networks like ESPN and TNT, what better way to guaranteed them higher viewership than with millions of more fans who have a few dollars riding on every game and shot.

While many knew the Four-Point Shot Era was bound to happen, and clearly, for many it will be known as the Stephen Curry shot, at least for now, Adam Silver and the NBA are not embracing this era quite yet. That’s because this is an April Fool’s Day take written to begin the month with a smile and a laugh. 

I do, however, expect that basketball will one day see a four-point line on the court and it will probably be around the 28-foot mark since, as I pointed out, removing the corner three ball doesn’t sound like something anyone on any level of basketball wants to eliminate. That means there is a child shooting hoops on a blacktop court or even for his local youth league that will one day take the NBA’s first four-point shot, joining Chris Ford in the record books. Ford, as a member of the Boston Celtics, nailed the NBA’s first three-point shot in October 1979 in a game more remembered for being the debut of one of Ford’s teammates, a rookie named Larry Bird.

I do also believe, however, that the NBA will one day try the four-point shot before getting rid of it because it will do exponentially more damage to the game of basketball than how current players and teams have worn out the three-point shot. Today’s game doesn’t believe anything other than a three-point shot is a good play, even passing up layups on fast breaks to kick the ball out for a shot from beyond the arc.  As with many sports, the entertainment and gambling desires of fans and those who run the sports will override what is best for the game, with general managers often acting as fantasy owners looking for who can score the most rather than who plays better defense. That’s why the four-point shot will one day invade basketball, just hopefully not for too long. 

April Fools.


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NBA To Introduce Four-Point Shot Next Season |

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