NBA ramps up drama with start times for final day of regular season

The NBA has made an exciting change to the schedule for the end of the regular season next Sunday.

The NBA regular season is stretching into May this year and finally comes to an end next Sunday. Every single team is in action as the league crams in a 72-game schedule that saw COVID-related cancelations affect plenty of teams earlier this year.

The addition of the play-in tournament has increased the potential drama on the final day of the year. Teams are also playing for seeding, while others are praying for a loss to increase lottery odds.

The NBA has decided to take advantage of the drama by taking a page out of the NFL’s book and scheduling the games in a short window of time.

NBA wants teams focused on the games at hand

One would assume the league will make the schedule so teams near each other in the standings will start at similar times. This allows the focus to be on the game itself and not on what is happening elsewhere.

Such a plan also prevents certain teams from resting stars in what may end up being a must-win contest. A team like the Utah Jazz may rest certain players if they were assured the top seed based on a result earlier in the day. However, playing at the same time as the Phoenix Suns could prevent that from happening.

The tanking should also be glorious as teams at the bottom of the standings fight to end the year on a good note while the front offices watch in horror.

Source: FanSided

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