Mother finally meets child 3 months after giving birth, surviving COVID-19

Mother finally meets child 3 months after giving birth, surviving COVID-19

The pair were reunited at last.

Now mother and baby have been reunited at last.

On Jan. 27, three months later, she was finally strong enough to leave the hospital and hold her baby for the very first time.

Last October, Townsend was 39 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with COVID-19. As her condition quickly deteriorated, she was admitted to the hospital and placed on a ventilator.

Townsend delivered a healthy baby girl on Nov. 4 while she remained unconscious. Following the birth, she would spend the next 75 days on oxygenation machines and ventilators.

Filled with the support of friends, family and her community, the hospital documented Townsend’s journey as she began to recover.

For months, she was not able to be in the same room as her family and never held her newborn.

The new mom and her family returned home together Tuesday. Husband Derek Townsend said that he’s excited to start a new chapter.

“We’re just so grateful and blessed to have everybody home, to have Kelsey home, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us,” he said.

Townsend said she was thankful for the health care workers and her community.

“I’m so grateful to be alive and well and home holding my baby, Lucy, and be with our other children, Peyton, Beaux and Faith,” said Townsend.

But, she had one last wish: “And we hope the Chiefs win the Super Bowl.”

Source: ABC – US News

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