More Voices Speak Out Against ‘Buffy’ Producer Joss Whedon’s Conduct – Deadline

The anti-Joss Whedon jury is growing. Now, Jose Molina, a writer on the critically hailed Firefly series, has shared his experiences that echo the prior accusations of abuse against series creator-producer Whedon.

“Casually cruel” is a perfect way of describing Joss,” Molina said on Twtter, quoting prior remarks from actress Charisma Carpenter. “He thought being mean was funny. Making female writers cry during a notes session was especially hysterical. He actually liked to boast about the time he made one writer cry twice in one meeting.” Molina ended his tweet with the hashtag #IStandWithCharismaCarpenter

The comment adds to those made by others associated with Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. Actress Amber Benson, who played Tara Maclay on the show, earlier added her voice to the complaints.

“Buffy was a toxic environment and it starts at the to p,” Benson said on Twiitter. “@AllCharisma is speaking truth and I support her 100%. There was a lot of damage done during that time and many of us are still processing it twenty plus years later.” She ended with #IStandWithRayFisher #IStandWithCharismaCarpenter

So far, writer-producer Marti Noxon and actresses Charisma Carpenter, Michelle Trachtenberg and Sarah Michelle Gellar have spoken out with various indictments of series creator/executive producer Whedon of abuse and creating a toxic work environment.

Whedon has yet to respond to the allegations.

Source: Deadline

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