More Secure Job: MLB Umpire Or Supreme Court Justice

More Secure Job: MLB Umpire Or Supreme Court Justice | Sports Takes & News |

It has long been known that just as Major League Baseball hitters and pitchers are scouted, so too are umpires, with each having their tendencies. For umpire Angel Hernandez, there’s one clear and present tendency when he works games, that he will make mistakes; a tendency that shows up in spades when he is calling balls and strikes behind home plate. The simple fact that Angel Hernandez still has a job with the level of ineptitude he exhibits proves one thing: A Major League Baseball umpire has the same level of job security as a Supreme Court justice.

Fans and players of Major League Baseball have a love/hate relationship with the four arbiters of the game that work every game, the umpires. Clearly both groups of people are looking at every pitch of every game with a slightly bias point of view, and when those points of view differ with the four people making every call, our opinion of that quartet can ebb and flow. 

When it comes to one of those umpires, the one named Angel Hernandez, his ability to unite teams when he is on the field is well established. That’s because he is the worst umpire in Major League Baseball history, and seemingly goes out every game he works to reclaim that title. 

Case in point was Tuesday afternoon when Angel Hernandez was working behind home plate during a game between the Astros and Angels. Thanks to social media, the number of ball/strike calls that Hernandez missed was well documents, with pitches outside the zone being called strikes. To the credit of the 59-year-old Hernandez who is now in his 31st season as an umpire, calls were going against both teams in equal proportion, making it easy for each dugout to be upset with the person who has more job security than being the United States Supreme Court. In his own way, too, Angel Hernandez is one person who is helping Major League Baseball speed up the process of being electronic umpires to the game to make ball/strike calls.

Angel Hernandez is so bad that Major League Baseball avoids having him work high-profile events such as the World Series, All-Star Game, and whenever possible, primetime matchups. Hernandez has even tried to sue MLB for not giving him those extra paying assignments, with the league winning their case since those games are awarded on a merit system used the league. 

In short, just like a Supreme Court justice who may be unfamiliar with the law, Angel Hernandez’s unfamiliarity with the strike zone still does not allow MLB to relieve him of his duties.

One day soon Major League Baseball will have electronic umpires calling balls and strikes. When that day comes, in tribute to one of the people who brought and about those changes, whenever the lights blink and the buzzers sound off at the wrong time, they will call the computer “Angel Hernandez. Because it is clear being a Major League Baseball umpire is a lifetime appointment and a job no one can be fired from no matter how bad the entire league knows you are at your job. 


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More Secure Job: MLB Umpire Or Supreme Court Justice |

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