Memorial Day 2021

As a combat veteran, many emotions boil up inside me as Memorial Day Weekend approaches.

When I reflect on the condition of our nation, it’s obvious why Memorial Day is increasingly focused on kicking off summer rather than honoring nearly 1.5 million men and women who have died to protect our freedom.

America’s Fallen Heroes will only be honored when citizens understand WHY they made the ultimate sacrifice for you and me to live as a FREE People.

A rapidly increasing number of Americans do not understand the depth, truth and uniqueness of our amazing heritage… which is why they celebrate hot dogs instead of heroes.

What if there was a new way for more and more people of all ages to discover America’s Heritage while enjoying their summer vacations and long weekends throughout the year?

Over the last five years, we have hosted numerous “Patriot Experiences” throughout the United States and Europe.

These excursions have ranged from conferences in historic locations like Boston & Plymouth to guided tours at Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Kennedy Space Center, Reagan Ranch & Warner Brothers Studios to Cold War Spy Dinners to “Bucket List Trips” celebrating the 75th D-Day Anniversary in England & France.

As we emerge from the lockdown, the travel landscape has changed quite a bit. There are still many state & federal mandates which impact schedules, transportation, venues, and onsite excursions, all of which make planning these kind of adventures a challenge.

During this time, we’ve been brainstorming behind the scenes with amazing people who love to travel and, most importantly, have a passion to explore our great country.

And, Here’s The Good News: We will soon introduce an expanded program focused more broadly on America’s Heritage.

It will combine the best of expert-led, historic travel with low stress, max fun, generational family options, outdoor adventure and terrific value, exclusively for PATRIOT MISSION members.


Imagine saving money on customized adventures without paying exorbitant concierge service fees.

Here are just a few of the program details:

  • Choose experiences based on your interests, adventure level, foodie preferences, physical capabilities, special needs, etc.
  • Enjoy behind-the-scenes tours ranging from world-class museums to local haunts, all with historically accurate insights that are sure to ignite “campfire” discussions
  • Select variable creature comforts ranging from premium, white glove pampering to rugged exploring
  • Experience age & physically appropriate outdoor adventures like hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, biking, flying, water & snow skiing, fishing and wildlife watching (whales, birds, bears, etc.)
  • ExploreIntra-Experience Travel Modes” on horseback, sailing yachts, houseboats, whitewater rafts, kayaks, hot air balloons, private jets, helicopters and 1800’s era steam locomotives (just to name a few)
  • Rejuvenate in unique lodging from traditional to boutique hotels, romantic bed & breakfasts, wilderness camps and RVs
  • Schedule flexible, cascading, short, medium and longer term experiences through 2024
  • Register to be the first to go on new adventures at additional discounts to help us evaluate new destinations
  • Save on travel with small groups of like-minded, compatible travelers from long weekends to extended adventures
  • Lead a “Heritage Experience” segment in a geographic or historical location where you are a qualified expert (and enjoy added travel benefits for doing so)

As we develop these next level American Heritage Experiences™, we’re looking for kindred souls with the Pioneer Spirit.

If you have wanderlust deep in your bones and a yearning to explore America in ways you have only dreamed about… come join us!

If this sounds like fun, click here to send me an email and I’ll add you to our free membership and send you the details as soon as this special program is ready for review.



Steve Olds

Founder & CEO



P.S. As you plan out your summer, depending on where you live, there are free events to inspire your American Heritage. For example, if you live near a military base or in the Washington, DC area, you can find free concerts at local venues.

Imagine enjoying your favorite beverage and a picnic dinner with those you love listening to The Marine Corps Band playing heart-pounding, Americana favorites… you’ll be glad you found a way to make it happen… just sayin’!

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