Matt Gaetz Is Trying To Get Trump Sent To Prison With Him By Naming Him Speaker

Rep. Matt Gaetz told reporters that if Republicans win the House majority, he will move to have Trump named Speaker, which might land both of them in prison.

Video of Gaetz saying that he supports Trump for Speaker:

Gaetz also said:

The idea that Trump would be Speaker of the House has also been floated by Mark Meadows and other anti-Kevin McCarthy Republicans. 

Trump would never want to be Speaker because federal disclosure laws would force him to show his financial records or face five years in prison.

The problem with this fantasy is that Donald Trump would never want to be Speaker because he would have to show up for work. The idea that the greatest absentee president in American history would be able to show up in the Capitol and guide the House is absurd.

It sounds like the plot of one of Rodney Dangerfield’s 1980s. Donald Trump is Back To Capitol.

Gaetz and other Republican criminal elements would love to have Trump protecting them in any position of power.

It is not going to happen.

There is a better chance that Matt Gaetz is sitting in a jail cell by January 2023 than there is that he will still be in the House and able to get Trump named Speaker of the House.

However, if Gaetz was successful, his dreams could come true as maybe the two of them could be besties in the same cell.


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