Marsai Martin Black-ish And Spirit Untamed Interview

9. Have you ever taken anything from a set for yourself?

I’ve taken so many things from Black-ish. Of course, with their permission, obviously. I have a Beyoncé poster that Diane had in her room. I took it home and I put it in my glamour room. Some of the things that I love, Diane loves as well. So, like, if I love Tyler, the Creator, she has a Tyler, the Creator poster on her wall. It’s like cute little Easter eggs and gems that you get to see if you’re [one of my] real friends or a real fan.

10. From what I read, your upcoming Disney show, Saturdays, takes place mostly at a skating rink that plays ’90s hip-hop. That definitely feels like a throwback for us millennials. What made you want to introduce that vibe to a younger generation?

Mostly because skating is so fire! It’s so lit. It’s [a big deal] in our Black community. It’s an activity that needs more attention. And then with that, our main character, Paris Johnson, has sickle cell anemia. We really want to shine a light on it because it is also a very big thing in our community. We wanted to make sure that it was shown in the right light, for the right reasons. As I said before, I don’t like to do Black trauma, it’s not a part of my thing. So [we’re hoping] to talk about positivity and love, and bringing good energy to something that may seem sad at times, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t live your life the way that you want to. That’s what our main character shows.

11. What’s a Gen-Z trend you’re currently obsessed with?

LED lights. I’m obsessed with LED lights.

12. Do you use your own memes IRL?

I don’t use my own memes in real life. I should though, but my friends do usually. And I’m like, okay, whatever. My favorite meme is actually a video. It’s this girl who says, “You’re out of order. Boom, boom, boom, boom.” That one is so funny to me. And it’s all over TikTok right now. I use it all the time.

Source: BuzzFeed – Celebrity

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