Marjorie Taylor Greene Shows She’s Scared Of Being Kicked Out Of Congress For Coup

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene showed her fear of being disqualified from serving in office for participating in Trump’s coup.

Greene responded to Marc E. Elias saying that there could be action against Trump coup participants that could disqualify them from office by tweeting:

Elias responded:

Taylor Greene just like all of the other House Republicans who are under investigation for participating in Trump’s plot to overthrow the government only seems able to comfort herself with dreams of power and how she will inflict revenge upon her enemies.

The 1/6 Committee is willing to turn over evidence of criminal activity to the authorities for prosecution. That means that if people like Rep. Greene criminally participated in the coup, they could find themselves booted out of Congress.

Elias made a sound prediction. The evidence that the 1/6 Committee is amassing may force every American to have a serious conversation about the fate of Trump’s congressional coup plotters.

Rep. Greene seems rattled and banking on the 2022 election to save her skin.



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