Liz Gillies Talks About Her First Times, Dynasty, And Victorious

In honor of Dynasty‘s fourth season airing tonight, we invited Liz Gillies to chat over Zoom and talk about her first times.

Here are just a few of our favorite first times Liz told us about:


The first role Liz wanted but didn’t get was actually a part in Dark Shadows, and on her audition tape, she did her best Johnny Depp impression.

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She explained, “I did Johnny Depp’s voice in my audition tape. I even, like, octave pitched it down. It sounded a lot like him once I saw the movie…I kinda nailed it. Either I wasn’t good enough — which is probably why I didn’t get it — or it’s because I did Johnny Depp’s voice reading opposite me in my audition tape.”


One of the first Broadway shows Liz saw was Little Shop of Horrors, and she loved it so much, she wanted to perform on Broadway too — and she did!


Liz joked that her first impression of her Dynasty costar Adam Huber was basically “I don’t know what this character is. I’m not gonna make a new friend, it’s too late in the season,” and funnily enough, now their characters are engaged.

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She even said that Adam teases her a lot about it now. She said, “I didn’t even speak to him for the first three episodes and I just kept asking around like, ‘Who is this guy? Am I gonna date him? Why is he here?’ And, of course, now he’s my fiancé.”


Her first Victorious set memory was actually filming the show’s opening credits in Hollywood.


She remembered, “We were right in the center of Hollywood and we were all just kind of dancing. We could see the Hollywood sign. I just had this moment like ‘I’m in Hollywood! I’m on a TV show!’ And I was with [Ariana Grande] and we had just come from Broadway and we were like, ‘Look at us, we made it!'”


She first realized she was famous when she went to her brother’s football game, around the same time Victorious had been airing, and a bunch of kids started crowding around her because they wanted to talk to her.


The first piece of advice she’d give to her Dynasty character, Fallon, is “Don’t be just like your father, be your own lady.”


Her first celebrity crush was Ashton Kutcher.

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She gushed, “He was a heartthrob. He was boyish, and he was tall, and he was manly. Ashton Kutcher all the way.”


The first former castmate she’d text to hang out with is her close friend Ariana Grande.


One of the first times she realized she wanted to be a performer was after she heard about an open call on the radio and begged her mom to take her.


Her first red carpet experience was for a movie called School Gyrls, and she went with her Victorious castmates.

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She added, “Everyone looks like they’re 10 years old and I just can’t stop saying these bizarre things about my character as if I’m on Inside the Actors Studio. It’s the weirdest. The pictures are weird.”


Her first memorable quarantine binge-watch was Nashville, and she joked about watching the entire series in a month and a half.


Finally, she joked that the first project of hers she’d watch again is either her film Harold or her “award-winning” Lifetime movie Killing Daddy.

And there ya have it! Be sure to check out the rest of Liz’s first times and watch her on Dynasty, which airs 9 p.m. ET Fridays on The CW.

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