LeBron James says his goal is to own an NBA franchise after he retires

LeBron James says his goal is to own an NBA franchise after he retires

LeBron James has made it clear he intends to own an NBA team once he retires from the game.

LeBron James has always been more than just a basketball player. He has become a prominent businessman as his career has progressed and just this week became part-owner of the Boston Red Sox.

James has brought up in the past his desire to one day own an NBA franchise. He reiterated that desire recently when speaking to the media.

LeBron James wants to go the Michael Jordan route

James is already a legend of the game like Michael Jordan and now wants to follow in his footsteps of becoming an owner. Jordan returned to North Carolina as owner of the Charlotte Hornets and fans may be wondering if that means James would be interested in buying the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Of course, the team would have to be for sale in the first place for that to happen. James may just opt to seize the best opportunity and get in as an owner somewhere he has never played before. One thing fans do know is that he will make a smart business move no matter where he goes.

It is exciting to ponder what could be next for James. The current fun idea is him playing with his son for a season or two before deciding to retire. Then after that comes figuring out where he wants to be an owner. James did say he wants to be in sooner than later so perhaps something could happen immediately after he retires.

Having someone like James as an owner should only help the NBA. He would bring a player’s perspective to the table and the league could move forward in a modern way. But until then, James still has a few more championships on his mind.

Source: FanSided

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