Lane Kiffin retweeting Alabama students’ mugshots before game

Lane Kiffin is using his time before Ole Miss plays Alabama to retweet mugshots of Alabama students.

Lane Kiffin’s social media behavior is definitely not typical for college football head coaches.

Whether it’s using his Instagram account to follow one person, super recruit Arch Manning, or burying Mike Wilbon for his scathing hot take about Kiffin on an episode of PTI. And then there are the constant reminders of “rat poison” that all compliments can’t be taken too seriously or you get a big head and overconfident.

But what Kiffin did on Saturday morning ahead of the biggest game of his career with Ole Miss taking on No. 1 Alabama is new for him.

On Saturday morning, Kiffin was retweeting images of mugshots from Alabama students that were arrested.

Lane Kiffin retweeting mugshots of Alabama students

Some coaches would be focused on gameday preparations, substitution packages, last-minute injuries or, you know, anything related to the actual game.

Nope. Not Kiffin. He’s using Twitter to be a troll.

It’s not out of the ordinary for Kiffin who has had to deal with immaturity issues throughout his coaching career, but this is not the best look, especially hours before the biggest game of his coaching career.

Surely, Ole Miss football fans will love this, but if they lose, it’s going to come back and bite Kiffin in the backside for not being fully prepared to take on Nick Saban and the No. 1 team in the nation.

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