Kristen Bell’s New Netflix Show Has Us Seeing Very Strange Things

If you’re a fan of the “women who drink too much wine, start to lose their mind and see things” genre, just wait until you see a parody of one!

In Netflix’s upcoming dark comedy, The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, which premieres Jan. 28, Kristen Bell plays heartbroken Anna, who has a fondness for overpouring her wine, popping pills and cracking jokes. 

In a sneak peek from the streamer, we see seeming to slowly lose her mind as she witnesses the murder of her neighbor…or does she? 

Handsome neighbor (Tom Riley) and his adorable daughter (Samsara Yett) move in across the street and Anna tries to befriend them with a ‘welcome-to-the-nabe homemade dish’ but then sees someone get struck and killed by a car. Whoopsie.

She also repeatedly sees a woman inexplicably falling from the top of lighthouse. “I just feel like I am falling apart like a house of cards,” she tells a friend,” like a sandcastle when the tide has come in.” No emotional cliché is safe from Anna. 

Source: E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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