Kid Cudi, Timothee Chalamet Star in ‘SNL’ Flute Rap Sketch

Kid Cudi joined Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson and Chris Redd in a hilarious sketch celebrating one of rap music’s most underrated instruments — the “weird little flute.”

“We got the fits, we got the flow, we got the 808s, we got the Xanned out tempo,” the faux hip-hop trio begins the musical skit. “We got that drip-drip-drip, we got that Brut, the only thing that’s missing is that weird little flute.”

From there, Cudi, Davidson and Redd take viewers into a music video-reminiscent world of nightclubs, pool halls and music stores to show off their flute-playing skills. They also explore the many other practical applications of the airy woodwind instrument, such as using it for a pool cue, chopsticks and back scratcher. At one point, Cudi appears dressed as Harry Potter and waves around a flute spewing lightning blots as if it were a magic wand.

Source: News | Billboard

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