Kevin Durant responds to fact he has more tweets than career points

Kevin Durant responds to fact he has more tweets than career points

When someone pointed out Kevin Durant has more tweets to his name than career points in the NBA, the Brooklyn Nets forward had a cryptic response.

Kevin Durant’s Twitter persona has become just as entertaining as his play in the NBA.

Not a day goes by when Durant isn’t responding to a troll or engaging in a feud with another sports personality. On Wednesday, the Nets forward took the bait when someone pointed out how he has more tweets than career points in the NBA.

For the record, Durant has 23,561 points in his career. He has more than 24,000 tweets. So it’s close. In response, Durant shared lyrics from the 2002 song “Grindin’” by rap duo Clipse.

Kevin Durant let song lyrics do the talking on Twitter

What does it mean?

The screenshot was apparently pulled from Genuis lyrics. The line, “The jewels is flirting, be damned if I’m hurting,” is probably referring to Durant is doing just fine despite the discrepancy between tweet and points.

The second line, “Legend in two games like I’m Pee Wee Kirkland,” could mean a lot of things. For what it’s worth, Kirkland is a New York legend in two realms: basketball and the drug trade. He was talented enough to be drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1968 but left the team to run his more lucrative drug operation, according to ESPN.

Best guess, Durant is perfectly comfortable being a legend on Twitter and the basketball court. Or Durant is just sharing lyrics to a favored song. Who knows. Durant can be hard to understand sometimes.

What’s not hard to understand is how irrelevant tweet and point totals are. The vast majority of Twitter users have more tweets than career points on any basketball court, let alone a professional one.

Source: FanSided

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