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Kevin Durant might be known as the “Slim Reaper” on the basketball court, but off it the Brooklyn Nets standout continues to prove his insecurity by trying to justify his actions with half-truths. Recently Durant did an interview in which he tried to defend modern day NBA players for being so friendly with each other off the court, but left out one important fact about how legends like Larry Bird, “Magic” Johnson, and Michael Jordan went about their business. And while those stars took a page from Bill Russell’s playbook, the way modern stars display their brotherhood is what separates them from those legends, and why those Hall of Famers laugh at those playing in the NBA today.

The talents that Kevin Durant possess have been known since his college days and have continued into his NBA career, first in Seattle, then Oklahoma City, then Golden State, and now, even after his injury problems, the Brooklyn Nets. Durant, while having a great deal of personal success on the court, never realized team success until he joined the 73-win Warriors team, and became part of two championship teams with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. That move drew the ire of many in broadcast booths and other locker rooms who proclaimed Durant wasn’t able to beat the best team in the NBA, so he joined them in order to win rings, something players of years gone by would have never done. However, in a recent interview, Kevin Durant cited those legendary players to defend himself and current NBA players, saying, “The Magics, The Birds, The Jordans, they created that brotherhood amongst the league.” 

What Kevin Durant doesn’t understand is the subtle, yet important difference between the stars of the 1980’s and 1990’s and the players that he has played with and against during his career. 

Yes, Bird and Magic did commercials together, but they were always filmed in the offseason, and on the court neither showed love to the other, and each would run over the other for a loose ball or a basket. 

Yes, Michael Jordan did what Bill Russell did to Wilt Chamberlain, by taking competitors out to dinner before games, but just as Russell’s Celtics teams dominated Wilt on the scoreboard, MJ would dominate his friends Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing and others at game time, using the information he gathered over those meals against his friends to win.

No one is saying that Chamberlain, Russell, Bird, Magic, and Jordan didn’t feel a brotherhood with their fellow NBA players, but the difference that Durant doesn’t understand is that it wasn’t until LeBron James built his own Super Team in Miami that players thought about teaming up with other stars to win. Perhaps it was because Bird and Magic knew the NBA needed a rivalry between the Celtics and Lakers or that Michael Jordan knew that other players needed to try and knock him from his perch atop the league to make the season more interesting, but the notion that Patrick Ewing would ask to be traded to Chicago or Charles Barkley would ask the 76ers to bring Jordan to Philadelphia was unthinkable.

Remember, it was the front office of the Lakers who traded for Shaquille O’Neal to team him with Kobe Bryant and the Celtics front office who put together the “Big Three” in Boston with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen for their last NBA title.

If Kevin Durant wants to quote history, then he needs to know ALL of it, not just the parts that suit his arguments and soothes his insecurities. Clearly, Durant didn’t do that in this case, and once again, the 7-footer looks small by trying to defend the actions of his generation of NBA stars. 

It’s OK Mr. Durant, we understand this is how NBA players are doing business nowadays, you don’t need to try and distort history in order to justify your actions or those of league circa 2021; but you only make yourself look worse by misrepresenting NBA history to explain away the changes that have come about during your time in the league. That is why you are continually asked these questions, and until you understand how wrong your answers are, they will keep coming, which is why you need to either get your facts straight or just stop talking, because right now in the game of public relations, you are losing badly, and the fourth quarter is about to begin. 


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Kevin Durant Defends The Current NBA Brotherhood |

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