Justin Bieber & More: Vote for Your Favorite New Music!

Artists from Justin Bieber to Lana Del Rey continue a much deeper exploration of their artistry and the world around them with their new music. But which release are you wanting to explore more this week?

Bieber delivered Justice, his sixth studio album, which explores the outer edges of joy and his personal perseverance through punchy, radio-friendly anthems. LDR crisscrosses the country throughout her seventh studio album Chemtrails Over the Country Club, juxtaposing natural beauty and material wealth in her dreamy ballads.

With “Tu Veneno” (“Your Poison”), J Balvin provides not a head-banging reggaeton club banger, but a head-nodding contemplative track about a toxic relationship. And Paloma Mami explores her identity and dexterity through bilingual lyricism and switching her flow up between singing and rapping on her debut album Sueños de Dalí. 

Source: News | Billboard

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