Josh Hawley Disgracefully Votes Against Asian-American Hate Crimes Bill

The Senate has passed Sen. Maize Hirono’s bill criminalizing hate crimes against Asian-Americans, but Sen. Josh Hawley voted no.

As of publication, the Senate vote total was 94-1 with Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) voting against the bill. The passage was expected after the Senate voted 92-6 in favor of advancing the bill. The six no votes were all Republicans Senators several of whom have 2024 presidential ambitions.

Not a single Senate Republican signed on to support Sen. Hirono’s bill

Sen. Hirono appeared on The View earlier this week and said, “At a time when the Asian America Pacific Islander community feels under siege and vulnerable, this is a bill that enables the Senate at least, and I know followed by the House, to take a stand and say these kinds of unprovoked attacks targeting Asian Americans are totally unacceptable.”

Sen. Hawley continues to be an embarrassment to the Senate. Hawley was one of the original six Senators who tried to block the bill from advancing.

Helping to incite a violent insurrection to overthrow the government wasn’t enough for Josh Hawley. He had to vote against criminalizing hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

Sen. Hawley still harbors presidential ambitions, but with each vote he takes, he reveals that he is unfit for the Senate, much less, the White House.

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