Jim Jordan Admits That He May Be Called To Testify Before 1/6 Committee

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy put Rep. Jim Jordan on the 1/6 Committee even though Jordan may be called to testify.

CNN’s Manu Raju caught up with Jordan who admitted that he might be called to testify:

Jim Jordan Should Be Blocked From Serving On The Committee

This is not a complicated situation. If Jim Jordan was either involved in planning or providing support to the people who attacked the Capitol and attempted to overthrow the government, he can’t serve on the House committee that is investigating the Capitol attack.

Speaker Pelosi has said that she has not made up her mind about the five members that Rep. McCarthy proposed, but anyone who could be a potential material witness to the plot to overthrow the government should not be serving on the committee.

A criminal defendant does not get to also sit on their own jury.

Rep. Jordan (R-OH) is a Trump favorite, and his selection reeks of a choice that was made by the failed former one-term president.  Jordan also said that he wants to investigate Speaker Pelosi for the attack.

Jim Jordan should be under investigation, not doing the investigating into the 1/6 attack.


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