Jessica Alba Took This Silver Lining From Her Year at Home

“I always think it’s good for your kids to see you practice what you preach—those are some greatest lessons that they can receive,” said Alba.

While she’s an in-demand speaker, sharing her tales of rejection and the years-long struggle to find investors that came before she took her company public this past May at a value of $1.44 billion, she admitted, “I have found that you can talk to kids until you’re blue in the face (trust me, I have), but having them see you actually doing the work is much more powerful.”

Ultimately, she continued, she hopes the decade of nonstop efforts that saw her working days, nights and weekends, plus remembering how she struggled to survive paycheck-to-paycheck in her early acting years, will demonstrate to her children that they, too, can chart their own course in whatever they see fit.

“I want my kids to believe that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to and I believe that’s what I’m showing them through my work,” Alba explained. “Through teaching them via my own experience, while it’s certainly not always easy, they can see that anything is possible.”

Source: E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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