Jen Psaki Turns The Tables And Exposes Fox And Peter Doocy For Making Police Less Safe

Jen Psaki turned the tables on Peter Doocy’s vaccine mandates question and showed how Fox News is jeopardizing the police.


Peter Doocy tried to argue that there are other problems in the world besides COVID, “But there are other problems in the world than covid-19, gang violence, murder, arson.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki came back with a question, “What was the number one cause of death among police officers last year? Do you know? Covid-19. So that is something we are working to address, and if you look at Seattle, which has been in the reporting. 92% of the police force is vaccinated. 99% of Seattle’s 11,000 employees have submitted vaccine verifications.”

Doocy continued to claim that vaccine mandates are making America less safe, “But all these other problems, murder, robberies, any concern that if police forces shrink or the size of the ready military force shrinks that the United States where localities may not be equipped properly to deal with that.”

Psaki reminded Doocy that COVID is the biggest crisis for cops in the US, “Peter, more than 700,000 people have died from COVID. The number one cause of death among police departments and police officers. It is something that we should take seriously. Departments are trying to save people. And the people who work for them, we support that effort, and there have been successes across the country in that regard. “

Vaccine Mandates Are Keeping Police Safe. It is Peter Doocy and Fox News Who Are Putting Them In Jeopardy.

The police, along with other first responders, put their personal safety on the line daily, and COVID-19 has added even more danger to a dangerous job. Vaccine mandates for first responders and other public employees keep them safe while they interact with the public.

It is not Biden and local officials who pose a danger. It is the misinformation and warped claim that getting and spreading COVID is freedom that is being spread by Fox News that makes America weaker, less safe, and puts lives at risk.

Jen Psaki turned the tables and showed that Peter Doocy and Fox News are a danger to the police.




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