Jen Psaki Just Used A Peter Doocy Question To Blow Up Lindsey Graham’s Fake CBO Score

Peter Doocy tried to push Lindsey Graham’s fake Build Back Better CBO score, which allowed Jen Psaki to blow it to bits.


Doocy asked If Biden would promise not to make Build Back Better programs permanent based on Lindsey Graham’s CBO score.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki answered:

What we are talking about is a fake CBO score that is not based on the actual bill that anyone is voting on, this is an ask requested by Senator Graham to score a bill that is not currently being debated. That is his prerogative to do, but what our focus is on the existing bill that will lower the deficit that will also over the additional ten years pay for the 2 trillion dollars in tax cuts that the Republicans did not pay for.  They’re welcome for that.

So, I would say Peter,  to your question, the President has conveyed clearly multiple times publicly that he would programs if they are extended to be paid for. That remains his commitment.   It is important to understand when anyone raises a question about this new CBO score, it is a fake score about a bill that doesn’t exist and we should focus on the actual bill. 

Jen Psaki pulled off the political triple pay with that answer. She used a Peter Doocy question that will be run on Fox News to debunk Lindsey Graham’s bogus Build Back Better CBO score.

Lindsey Graham didn’t like it at all when he was called on national TV for lying about the Trump tax cuts paying for themselves while trying to get his fake CBO score some traction.

One of the main reasons that Graham’s tactic is backfiring is that Jen Psaki is out there day after day making sure that when Peter Doocy and Fox News give her the opening, she knocks down the bogus Build Back Better CBO score.


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