Jason Varitek’s wife says Yankees fan spit on daughter

Yankee Stadium is a terrible place for opposing fans and Catherine Varitek, wife of former Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, knows that all too well.

Go to a baseball game as a 9-year-old, and you get cotton candy. You might get some nachos and a hot dog. You might get some soda and if you’re really, really lucky, a foul ball.

Unless you’re the daughter of Catherine and Jason Varitek at Yankee Stadium. Then you get spit on.

Catherine Varitek relayed that gross story on Twitter about her experience following Saturday night’s rain-shortened 3-1 Yankees win. She took to social media, telling the masses about her child being spit on for wearing a Varitek jersey to the stadium.

For starters, spitting on someone is vile and should be condemned regardless of the situation and victim. However, when the person in being spit on is nine years old, it takes on a whole different context. Furthermore, if the Yankees haven’t contacted the Varitek family to make it right (or as right as possible), they ought to be ashamed.

Ultimately, this is a child repping her father, who won two World Series titles in his career, also known as one more than the Yankees have earned since 2001.

New York fans have deserved their long-earned reputations for being ornery and over the line, but whoever did this to the Varitek’s daughter is an embarrassment not only to the fanbase, but to humanity.

Source: FanSided

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