Is Urban Meyer Already Missing College Football?

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Is Urban Meyer Already Missing College Football? | Sports Takes & News |

Calling the process “awful,” new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer seems very unhappy with how the NFL conducts free agency, its version of recruiting season. Meyer, who is three years removed from the college recruiting trail from his time at Ohio State, trashed the way the pros force teams to sign free agents without being able to do something. As a result, it seems, Urban Meyer was forced to actually do some work in advance of free agency this past week; something he doesn’t appear happy about and seemingly has him missing his college days.

Jacksonville wasn’t shy about signing free agents when the official “tampering” period began with Meyer’s new team bringing in a familiar face in Carlos Hyde, a former Ohio State running back, as well as wide receiver Phillip Dorsett and defensive lineman Roy Robertson-Harris. When talking about the way the NFL conducts its free agency period, Meyer, 56, said this during his press conference:

“I guess in the old days you could bring them in and meet them, then have dinner with them and find out their football intellect, find out their character and things like that. So, we had to do a deep dive on every guy that we signed.”

In the same press conference Meyer added, “To answer your question, it was awful,” when asked about the NFL free agent process, saying, “I don’t believe it should be that way. I’m not sure how that rule came about, but, to me, that’s not good business.”

First off, Urban Meyer needs to dial down his concern about character when it comes to signing players after his offseason issues with a conditioning coach that worked all of one day before needing to quit after his character was called into question.

Urban Meyer was a win at all costs head coach in college and learned quickly the same willingness to make deals with the devil doesn’t always work on the pro level. With that said, the Jaguars head coach can’t fain character concerns now after years of not caring about them at Florida where he coached Aaron Hernandez or at Ohio State where he protected an assistant coach accused of domestic violence.

Second, every NFL player should already have a file with every team since all of them came through the draft to enter the league. Sure, every player isn’t available to meet with in person, but free agents have been in the league for at least four years, so if you need to have dinner with them to figure out what they can do on the field, then you are not a very good head coach.

In short, Mr. Meyer, we are sorry that your time visiting pro golf tournaments is being hurt by, you know, actually doing your job in the NFL, but no one feels sorry for you because you are earning your multi-million-dollar a year contract by, you know, actually working.

It’s never really a great idea to start a new job by telling everyone at that job they are doing everything all wrong. Urban Meyer clearly has a streak of Steve Spurrier in him as both former Florida Gators head coaches thought they could just toss their playbooks on the table, find some players, and go win games. That plan didn’t work very well for Spurrier in Washington and, early returns are that Meyer will need to work a little harder than he wants to if he wants to avoid the same fate.

Don’t trash the system Urban, because it isn’t going to change no matter how much you dislike it. Just find people you trust around you to do the work you clearly don’t want to do, because I am sure it is written into your contract that you get a bonus for keeping your golf handicap low on the golf course. And while you are at it, make sure that your boss provides you a healthy expense account to cover those greens fees as the meals you need to do business on the 19th hole.

Welcome to the NFL Mr. Meyer, just know this is a place where people don’t complain about the system, they make it work for them, or they find another job very quickly, and with Bob Stoops taking your chair at Fox Sports, you may need to make this Jacksonville gig work out, fast! 


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Is Urban Meyer Already Missing College Football? |

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