Is Andy Reid A Hall Of Fame Coach With Another Super Bowl Win?

Is Andy Reid A Hall Of Fame Coach With Another Super Bowl Win? | Sports Takes & News |

Once considered the best active head coach to never to win a Super Bowl, Andy Reid is now one win away from becoming a back-to-back Super Bowl champion. After years of struggling to win big games in Philadelphia, Reid could now become the winner of two Lombardi Trophies, finally making his mark as a great NFL head coach. But, if he wins this weekend over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, does Andy Reid take the biggest step a coach can take and become a Hall of Famer?

First, let’s address the dark years in Philadelphia when Andy Reid had just enough talent to reach the big games, like four straight NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl, but would often find a way to mess things up for his players with a bad play call or questionable in-game decisions. That’s the only reason why Reid is now in Kansas City, and let’s keep that fact on the table, because it matters despite the world wanting to live in the now, and not look at someone’s entire career. Then again, with Marv Levy already in the Hall of Fame, getting close sometimes is enough for some voters who often mention how hard it is to win games, and allow for those they like more to have a lesser amount of success in those games.

Now we go to Kansas City where, of course, Andy Reid will always be the guy who helped the city win their first Super Bowl in a half century last year. Just remember, in every postseason game they played last year, KC was down by at least ten points, and without the talents and calming influence of Patrick Mahomes on the field, there is no way Andy Reid would have reached, let along won the last year, and would still be considered a good coach who never won the big game.

Now I confess, I am not an Andy Reid fan.  I saw him for too long in the NFC East make bad calls during important moments of games, and his players often won is spite of him, not because of him.  The difference in Kansas City is that he now has a quarterback whose talents far exceed his own shortcomings, allowing the team to win despite Reid’s tendency to get in the way rather than stay out of the way. 

I was worried that Reid’s team was under his influence last year when they kept falling behind, but with Mahomes, no deficit is too big to overcome if KC has enough time. With that said, while it might be Reid’s playbook in use, the players Kansas City has have taken even their head coach’s game to a whole new level, allowing him to win games he would have lost in the past. That, in a nutshell, is how great Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City are to me.

What makes a good head coach?  Is it winning, or it is the plays they draw up? Well, if you think getting Patrick Mahomes to throw two-yard underhanded passes for touchdowns is great coaching, then Andy Reid is your guy. If you think that being able to figure out that having a quarterback with the arm strength of a baseball pitcher means you need to throw deep more often makes for a good head coach, then Andy Reid is your guy.

For my money, I don’t think Andy Reid would be on my top five NFL head coaches right now, and he may be hard pressed to reach the top ten. I didn’t think Andy Reid was a Hall of Fame coach before or after last year’s Super Bowl win, and unless his game plan is perfect, I don’t think Reid will become a Hall of Fame coach with a second Super Bowl win this Sunday. On the flip side, if Reid doesn’t win, that would only prove that last year’s win was a fluke, and more often than not, he loses big games than wins them.

If the NFL still thinks that success is more about the coaching than the players, then they weren’t watching Bill Belichick in Cleveland, and didn’t see his franchise fall apart in New England this season. It is about the guys in the uniforms, not the ones wearing headsets in the NFL, period. Andy Reid might be a great guy to the media who votes on the Hall of Fame, but there are other coaches who have two rings and are not in Canton … I think he should be another one on that list. 


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Is Andy Reid A Hall Of Fame Coach With Another Super Bowl Win? |

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