Huddle Up with Gus – Your New Favorite Sports & Entertainment Podcast

Tired of the same interchangeable sports podcasts? With literally thousands of podcasts to choose from, is it possible to find one that is unique, one that takes you beyond just the XXX’s and 000’s? Then Huddle Up with Gus is the podcast for you, the show hosted by former 15-year veteran NFL Quarterback Gus Frerotte. Huddle Up with Gus was inspired by Gus’s own dissatisfaction in the sports shows out there that are focused mostly on the XX’s & OO’s. Gus wanted to develop a show that takes an in-depth look at his guests and how sports shaped and affected their life from their childhood to today. Who inspired them along the way, what obstacles did they overcome making their dream a reality and best of all the locker room stories, stories that you will hear nowhere else?

Picture sitting down with your favorite athlete, coach, sportscaster, actor, comic, sportswriter, sports author and getting to know him or her beyond the persona you see on the field or screen. Would you like to know who they are as people who inspired them and the journey to reach the top of their game? Many sports fans have seen the movie Jerry McGuire, but you may not know is that it is based on the story of an actual person, sports agent Leigh Steinberg. Leigh sits down with Gus and talks about the highs and lows of his career, the making of the film Jerry McGuire, then discovering who the real-life Jerry McGuire is.

Guests have included Oscar Winner Matthew McConaughey, Coach Mike Ditka, HOF QB Kurt Warner, Sportscasters Michael Wilbon and JB Brown, Baseball writer Keith Law, Golfer Fred Funk, Dallas Cowboys Emmitt Smith, NY Giants Tiki Barber, and the list goes on and on.  You can listen to Huddle Up with Gus on your favorite streaming app, listen to it on the Podcast page of 1631 Digital News and soon on YouTube.

Huddle Up with Gus is a fun ride, and you never know what someone is going to say or who they might call out. It is all in good fun and you will find out something new about each guest that I guarantee you never knew before you listened.



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